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We're currently in the process of recording our newest record! We're looking at a seven track Demo/EP on the scale of Fjellet Faller Aldri.

We finished with the lead guitars two weeks ago, and the flutes are soon to be recorded as well.

Some of the song titles you can expect to see are "Vertshuset Dovregubben", "Langt fraa Lén og Leite", "Trolljuvshallingen" and more!

Here I share with you a taste of one of the new riffs, here from the song "Trolljuvshallingen". Enjoy!

- Magnus André Wandås

The EP mentioned in the 2012 post has been transferred to a new project, so far unnamed, and we're currently in the writing phase on a new demo. The demo consists so far of six songs. The arrangements are mostly finished, with a few tweaks still to be done and the lyrics are finished for two songs, with two others nearing completion and the last two being instrumentals.

So get ready for some allright old-school folk metal. Think a matured version of Fjellet Faller Aldri with less rock and more folk metal.

De gamle stiene er ikke tilgrodde.

- Magnus André Wandås

A snapshot from recent recordings with the Elvarhøi Task Force. We record on location, using a laptop, and a plastic head with bineural microphones mounted on the back of the car. This means we can record anywhere, forest, mountain, or as in this case, abandoned construction site.

The material for the upcoming EP is now going through the final stages of merciless scrutiny before we start final recording. It is a brutal process, but when things get tough, we find comfort in our new musical dogma:

When in doubt, Deathspell Omega.

- Christopher Rakkestad