We finished recording!!!

13 years!!! We finally did it! We've been chipping along at this stuff for so long we thought it would never happen. Neither did you, we think! But to our own surprise, today we finished recording everything for our full length album. Eight glorious tracks! And better yet, mixing has already begun in esteemed Kalthallen Studios! What's more the cover art is done too :D

It pains us to say it but you have to wait a little bit more to hear anything. We need to figure out the layout and distribution for this stuff, but the thing to take away from this post is... THIS ALBUM IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!


01 June 2018

Elvarhøi is now on VK! If you are on VK, follow us there too!

New website is up!

29 May 2018

Welcome to the brand new, home made and hand coded home of Elvarhøi on the web. This is where you'll find everything. Those lyrics with all the correct spelling and punctuation? They're here! Bootleg from that gig on the moon? Look no further!

Ten years ago today

18 May 2018

How time flies! In 2008 we released the demo "Viser fra reisen" (though it was withdrawn again for a numer of reasons). A different time with a different line-up. Ten years later everything feels completely different, yet strangely still the same. Here we are in 2009 performing a song from it with yet another line-up.

Twaalf man in het bos

11 March 2018

Good friend of the band, Joost Winter, has made for us a beautiful Dutch reinterpretation of the lyrics for Tolv Mand i Skove, so I though I'd share it here for any Dutch or wannabe-Dutch fans who'd like to read-a-long!

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Kicking off 2018

07 November 2017

We're honoured to join in the celebration of Glittertinds latest album in Oslo on the 12th of January!

See you there folks… Skål!

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Antichrist Magazine

10 October 2017

Elvarhøi is featured in the latest online compilation over at Antichrist Magazine!

Surely the least brutal band on the list, we're always happy to be the odd one out.

Thanks for the support 🤘

Lyric video

30 September 2017

Happy harvesting season! Here is, finally, the lyric video for our new song Tolv Mand i Skove, filmed in late august on and around Huklehaugen, Svartormyra and Nordlia!

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