Friday, 21. December 2018 20:00

Is despair creeping up on you after weeks of living in darkness? Is misanthropy setting on as you see the city gearing up for Christmas? Is the unease and restlessness caused by urban confinement about to burst your heathen heart?

Fear not! On this winter solstice we will turn your frown upside down! Together with norsefolkers Byrdi, and harpist Giulia Wyrd-Svartskog, we will praise the old ways, sing, dance, drink and make merry. Come join us on the darkest hours of 2018 for a night that will mark you for life. Or at least until the hangover passes.

Venue Rock In
Address Grønland 14, 0188 Oslo, Norway
Date 21. December 2018 20:00
Price 160 NOK
20:30Giulia Wyrd-Svartskog (Solo Performance)


Live photos